Innovative Games

As part of Writing this week we are thinking ahead to our school's Family Fun Night on Friday 30/11. Each syndicate in the school is responsible for an event or product during the night. Our Year 6 team have decided to run a variety of fun games for the children to play throughout the night. 

Each class will create (in groups) their own innovative game. We will present ours to the class (fun) and then choose the two best games to be run on Friday.

We started the process by brainstorming as many games as we could think of in our groups. Our plan is to take aspects of games we already know and mix them into a new and innovative game for our class mates to play.

We know that for our game to be successful we need to be able to write simple, clear instructions so our players know how to play the game correctly.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting learning...


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