Welcome to Term 3

Hello and welcome to Term 3 everyone!  I really hope you had a wonderful break over the holidays and were able to relax and connect with family and friends.

As always, Term 3 will be as action packed as our other terms and we can;t wait to get on with our term 3 learning journey.

Inquiry this term has a focus on culture and heritage. We will have a lot of fun investigating where we come from and what it means to belong to a diverse range of cultures.

In Reading, we will initially be focusing on a range of persuasive texts - identifying features and content that makes a piece of writing persuasive. We will also look at drawing our own conclusions and reflecting on what impact we have on a variety of issues and what action we could take to make our world a better place to live in.

In Writing, we will continue the persuasive theme. We will look at what makes an effective persuasive argument and what we relevant information we need to include to persuade our reader to our way of thinking. This will lead nicely into speech writing. We will write our class speeches in the first few weeks of the term and present them to our class in about week 4 or 5. Then two lucky children will go on to represent our class in the Year 5/6 Speech competition later in the term.
Then we will move onto some creative topics for the remainder of the term - poetry and descriptive.

In Maths, we will begin by focusing on Algebra and creating patterns, then we will move onto Probability and finish the term with a focus on Number.

In PE we will be looking at our striking skills. We will learn skills in a variety of sports such as badminton, hockey, table tennis and volleyball. Our Year 6 Syndicate Sports rotation competition will continue on Thursdays. I wonder which team will win t=bragging rights for Term 3 and who will be the best team with the most sportsmanship?

In Art, we will complete our very bright and very funky Pop Art examples before beginning a new challenge....a very exciting 'tile challenge' for the Britomart Station. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting project.

In Te Reo Maori will we continue to look at some more interesting myths and legends and using our own creative skills present them in an artistic way to display in our beautiful classroom.

A reminder that Maths homework and Spelling needs to be completed each week. If you can keep up your reading log for term 3 that would be fantastic too (and great for your home base group). Keep going with your Homework challenges if you can too. A number of children in Room 21 are already very close to reaching the target of 12 challenges!  Way to go! And for those of you who think you can't make it - yes you can! Check out some of the challenges - you may be doing some already! Check out the photos below for some homework challenge inspiration.....

I'm looking forward to another great term Room 21. We have such a wonderful class full of active learners who always try to do their best. Keep up your great work team!!!


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