Team Oldham Values Assembly

Every two weeks the Year 6 team get together and celebrate our learning and the values that are most important to us as a team.

Each Values assembly we  recognise the Active Learner of the fortnight. This is a child who displays the many wonderful qualities of an active learner, including, being organised, focused, able to clearly discuss their learning, ask questions, support others, act on feedback given, set goals and achieve them, reflect on their learning and show a positive growth mindset.

We have changed our focus and are looking for students who display the most Perseverance.
Who can go through Hard to get to Easy? Who will never give up? Who will try their best always?

In Term 3 Week 1, it was a pleasure to award the following students from our class.

Active Learner Award: Leo

Perseverance: Jakob and Haroon


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