Writing - Information Reports

This week we have begun focusing on Information Reports in Writing.  We thought as a class it would be really beneficial to 'unpack' what an Information Report actually looks like. What does the author include in the report to make it an Information Report?

We discovered that Information Reports have a lot in them!  We began by identifying the correct structure (introduction, main body, and conclusion). We then highlighted subject-specific nouns, descriptive verbs, technical vocabulary, and cause and effect complex sentences.

This morning we got into pairs and read Ruaumoko Rages (an information report that combines a Moari Legend with the Science behind how a Volcano Erupts). After highlighting all the criteria included in the report, we will write our own information report on this topic.

It was a fantastic feeling to wander around the room and over-hear the children's conversations while highlight the parts of this report. To hear them discussing that the sentence they are reading is a cause and effect complex sentence warmed my heart.  It was so lovely to see the class so engaged in their learning!  Well done Room 21.


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