Welcome to Room 21 - Year 6. We are absolutely thrilled to be starting our learning adventure in Room 21. We have an amazing bunch of self-motivated and passionate learners.

As part of our Inquiry this term we are focusing on what it is to be 'An Active Learner', how we learn best and what we can do to support others to make their learning journey more enjoyable. It was impressive to see what the children thought learning was in the first week of school - the children came up with some neat responses (see the photo below).

In Writing, we will be looking at 'Moments in Time' and how to write descriptively to paint vivid images in our reader's minds.

In Maths, we will begin by understanding what a statistical investigation is and the process to carry one out correctly. Initially we will be looking at statistical vocabulary as well as different ways to collate and understand data. Later in the term the children will carry out an exciting statistical investigation of their own amongst the Year 6 syndicate.

In Reading, we will be reading some exciting books, including, 'Caught Out', 'Mrs Marigold's Menagerie', 'Pontoon' and 'Shipwrecks'. We will focus on making connections to help improve our understanding of the text and how what we read can link to our own experiences in the world.

On PE, we will be focusing on Athletics in preparation for our big day in Week 7. The children will be developing their skills in sprinting, long jump, high jump, shotput and discus.  We will also be looking at developing our small ball skills throughout the term.

Our yearly homework challenge has been sent home and I am so pleased with the quality that has already been handed in!  Well done guys. I hope you enjoy doing the challenges together - it's a great way to spend time with your gorgeous child.

We hope you enjoy following our learning journey via our class blog. Please, always feel free to pop into the classroom and see what your child has been doing - you are always welcome here.


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